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  Mr Ofo’s Private Consultation  

Initial or new patient appointments last approximately 20 to 30 minutes, during which a thorough medical and surgical history is obtained, with discussion of your main symptoms, including medication list, allergy information, family history, and other personal considerations.


This is followed by a thorough clinical examination and a plan of action (including further investigations).


Follow up appointments are often recommended after this initial consultation to discuss the results of various tests or assess progress of symptoms following prescribed treatment.


  Follow up consultation  

Follow up consultations mainly focus on the discussion of results from tests, such as blood tests or scans, the implications of these results, and what treatments or clinical strategies should be considered

(including the relative advantages, disadvantages and risks associated with each option).


Follow up appointments are usually made after results of relevant tests become available.

Follow up consultations are also required following a surgical procedure, to assess outcome, discuss concerns, answer any potential questions, or implement further management plans. Follow up consultations are often shorter in duration ranging from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the complexity of the condition being managed. For instance, follow up consultations following investigations or diagnostic surgery for cancer will be longer than that for some benign conditions.



Mr Ofo charges a professional fee for his services that reflects his training and expertise and is always open and transparent in line with PHIN and GMC guidance. Mr Ofo will always endeavour to ensure that you are aware of related costs for all recommended tests, scans, investigations, treatments and further consultations.


We have a number of payment options available for discussion, however our preferred and recommended billing option is via our billing company HytheHopes. They can be contacted via their website ( or on +44 (0)1702 382 362

Please note that payment terms must be completed within 28 days following issue of the invoice.


Fees Charged (Self-Funding Patients):

  • Initial or New Consultation is charged at £249

  • Follow-up Consultation is charged at £189

For patients with private medical insurance, in most cases, consultation fees will be charged according to your health insurance company’s fee schedule. If there is any deviation from this, you will be clearly informed in advance.


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